Friday, November 16, 2007

Tonsured and now trying to find a reason!

I Went to Tirupati last Saturday and got tonsured for no known reason. Now when people are asking me, am trying to find one ;)

Warning: No Hair Care Ad this!



A couple of reasons I could think of...

* I wanted to give rest to my Comb.
* My scalp wanted some light and fresh air.
* I wanted to see how I look after some 40-50 years from now.. (high hopes).
* I am doing a course in Trichology, so wanted to measure my hair growth from the roots for a statistical report !!
* Will Smith and I had a bet to check whose hair grows faster (and the winner.... is obvious!) lol

I will have to just pick one best from these or you people can suggest a few more... ;)


Dewdrop said...
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Dewdrop said...

I think Will Smith and u had a bet, and yeah, i know who won. Ofcourse, Will Smith!!! :P

KbHbEjTi said...


That photo was taken 1 day after tonsuring. I have half a centimeter hair on my head now (just in 5 days). Now tell me who is the winner ? :-|

Sandesh said...

Competition with Will smith?? betta you can compete with Sihi Kahi Chandru, you'll always be a winner.

I've never seen you tonsured since we met, how come you agreed fot it this time?? Dandruff?? Loss of hair??

One more thing, why don't you give both these photos to a saloon-cum-beuty parlour company, you as well as them can make a hell lotsa money?? isnt it?? Just jokin'!! Hehe!!

KbHbEjTi said...


Sihi Kahi Chandru?? mmh.. I will be the winner for sure ;). Ley, when I had joined Subex, I had tonsured. Though the idea is not to tonsure everytime I join a company but just a coincidence. I believe, sometimes its good to keep things short.. so agreed for it!!

ankurg said...

i liked the statistical reason!!

KbHbEjTi said...



Sandesh said...

appa will smith kumara! mundina post baruvanthaagali!