Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The MLCP experience

Wondering what is MLCP? Ask any mall frequenter or an IT park visitor/employee, you will get more than its expansion. MLCP stands for Multi Level Car Parking. I know its not new to any of you (nor to me), but for some reason I am so excited to use a newly built MLCP near my office. Perhaps the peculiar design of traversing path makes the journey really unique one. Its got short length, high angled slopes and curves of small radii. Two such scary curves constitutes a segment to raise by a 'Level'. Our office is located in the 4th floor of a 8 storeyed building (SSZ as called by my colleagues). All these days we were allowed to park in the basement. I guess this was due to the fact that not all floors were occupied. Now that SSZ is gaining popularity for its obvious looks and facilities, we are asked to use level 6 MLCP space (even the bikers). Level 6 MLCP is attached to 8th floor of this building. Oops we didn't realise this on the first day and ended up parking at some other company's parking space. Round-and-Round-and-Round-and-Round..... what a spiral extravaganza? A convoy of subexians driving uphill (sorry, the ramp!!), experiencing the velodrome of Oz in Bangalore, looking like the black rats of Israel feeding on a pine cone.