Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Why "Plastic Thoughts" ??

Me-The Bad: You and Blogging? Ha..ha..ha.. Why? No other good work in life? Tired of coding? Bored of giving estimates to your project Manager? No friends to chat? No girls to comment? ah?

Me-The Good: Hey man, I felt like overfilled with thoughts in the recent past. Just wanted to share my growing lump of thoughts and happenings with people.

Me-The Bad: That shows your Joblessness. Fine, you want to share your thoughts with people. But why not all these days ? or Why not later ? Why only now ?

Me-The Good: Simple, I never felt my thoughts were worth writting.

Me-The Bad: Do you think its worth-it now ? He..He.. Ok, what is it called ?


Me-The Bad: "Plastic Thoughts" ?? He He Ha Ha.. I guess your thoughts are not very strong.

Me-The Good: How you take it is left to you. Actually speaking the title "Plastic Thoughts" is not intended to have a defenite connection with the posts that would be put here!!! It is this idea which makes me call my BLOG "Plastic Thoughts -- yet to be moulded".

Me-The Bad: mmh.. you give your thoughts a name and still dont want it to be connected to your thoughts. Sounds absurd.

Me-The Good: shhh.. stop there!!! Dont interrupt any more, its been too much of "Me-The Bad". Now let "Me-The Good" speak-out.