Friday, November 16, 2007

Tonsured and now trying to find a reason!

I Went to Tirupati last Saturday and got tonsured for no known reason. Now when people are asking me, am trying to find one ;)

Warning: No Hair Care Ad this!



A couple of reasons I could think of...

* I wanted to give rest to my Comb.
* My scalp wanted some light and fresh air.
* I wanted to see how I look after some 40-50 years from now.. (high hopes).
* I am doing a course in Trichology, so wanted to measure my hair growth from the roots for a statistical report !!
* Will Smith and I had a bet to check whose hair grows faster (and the winner.... is obvious!) lol

I will have to just pick one best from these or you people can suggest a few more... ;)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ATM: Azhagiya Tamil Magan or ARR The Mozart

Definitely not a music review post but could not resist speaking the magic of (ARR) AR.Rahman's work. (As it happens with every fan of ARR after his music release). I first heard the music of ATM (Azhagiya Tamil Magan, a new tamil movie) when Hari (My Roommate) got the tracks on his mobile. It was not bad but not very impressive then. The first one which caught my attention was the remix song "Muthukal Siri..". This is the first time our ARR has ever made a remix (For those of you who think "Tottal Poo Malarum.." from the movie "New" is a remix by ARR, please be informed that it was a RE-TUNED song and NOT a remix!!). Then the track "Saturday Night.." follows. This song is with least lyrics but cooool music. Though it takes time but will slowly catch your attention, no wonder I ended up listening to it one complete day, continuously. The title track is absolutely meant for Vijay (The Hero of the movie Azhgiya Tamil Magan) with all typical hailing verses in Tamil. However this song still has got the flavor of ARR and is enjoyable. "Madhuraikku pogadaDi.." is a folk song which proves that ARR is a King of all genre. It has happened a plenty of times with me that I would dislike ARR's music in the first iteration, but end up loving them each time i listen to them and they finally become a part of my evergreen collections. Well, that's the Charisma of the Genius-ARR

Amar Rahe Rahman - Azhagiya India Magan!

link for downloading the tracks, if you haven't heard the songs yet.
Note: please don't support piracy, use this link as a demo only