Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ATM: Azhagiya Tamil Magan or ARR The Mozart

Definitely not a music review post but could not resist speaking the magic of (ARR) AR.Rahman's work. (As it happens with every fan of ARR after his music release). I first heard the music of ATM (Azhagiya Tamil Magan, a new tamil movie) when Hari (My Roommate) got the tracks on his mobile. It was not bad but not very impressive then. The first one which caught my attention was the remix song "Muthukal Siri..". This is the first time our ARR has ever made a remix (For those of you who think "Tottal Poo Malarum.." from the movie "New" is a remix by ARR, please be informed that it was a RE-TUNED song and NOT a remix!!). Then the track "Saturday Night.." follows. This song is with least lyrics but cooool music. Though it takes time but will slowly catch your attention, no wonder I ended up listening to it one complete day, continuously. The title track is absolutely meant for Vijay (The Hero of the movie Azhgiya Tamil Magan) with all typical hailing verses in Tamil. However this song still has got the flavor of ARR and is enjoyable. "Madhuraikku pogadaDi.." is a folk song which proves that ARR is a King of all genre. It has happened a plenty of times with me that I would dislike ARR's music in the first iteration, but end up loving them each time i listen to them and they finally become a part of my evergreen collections. Well, that's the Charisma of the Genius-ARR

Amar Rahe Rahman - Azhagiya India Magan!

link for downloading the tracks, if you haven't heard the songs yet.
Note: please don't support piracy, use this link as a demo only


Sandesh said...

Be it whatever as you would know why i say this, Only thing I wanted to comment here is that I find it pathetic to find even you using the Z alphabet to the infamous 'La' syllable of Samskrtha!

Thats all! I don't wish to comment on the content!

Yo' Bhaashesh!

Sandesh said...

sorry! Its not Z alphabet but Z letter.

KbHbEjTi said...

@sandeshaaaaa alias Bhaasheshaaa

The comments from you were most expected on this post. Well, 'La' syllable of Samskrtha is a standard of the language but the English representation of the same, be it 'Zh' or 'La' or anything else... is not standard. Its only peoples way of writing. Until people recognize what 'Zh' or 'La' represent and pronounce it right, we dont have to worry about it. So, it actually doesn't matter you seeeeee!!

Sandesh said...

Well, lemme explain why La should be considered.

We are using English alphabet to write things in whatever Indian Language. As far as we are writing in that script, we should try using the syllables which they use to write similar sounds. Atleast some syllable which is near to the sound.

Tell me what sounds do the english men use to write Z? Its always Zebra, Zero n sounds like that! ( Hope you got it)

Though English do not use the 'La' of Samskrtha, the nearest letter matching that sound is L and not Z. One cannot override the usage of a foreign script in a way he wants just because if those people try reading it, they would pronounce it totally wrong when compared to using a syllable near to it!

Say what?

Sandesh said...

consider your post itself! You are contradicting yourself.

You use zh to say La in Azhagiya and use L in Tamil.

Is that sufficient?? Need more??

Dewdrop said...

At last a post abt ARR from a huge ARR fan, though i havent listen to the songs u hav recommended yet. :) Will try to do tht soon.

KbHbEjTi said...

Cool buddy, You haven't got my point. I said there's no standard of all these. What you are saying is logically right, but not what Tamilians use. English was not meant for writing Tamil. Its the way Tamilians want it and they are using it. Its their internal mapping ;) and if English is used for writing say Telugu, then its their freedom to map it to their wish. There's nothing wrong or right once it gets accepted by the people who use it!!

Actually speaking, its wrong to use a different script for writing your language in first place. Once we have violated that then theres no point in criticizing how it is used. (something like using classes in 'C', now who cares if the syntax of the class declaration is right or wrong when it wouldn't get compiled in first place ??)

So, Tamil or Tamilz or Tamill may all sound same to me but people recognize Tamil as the right way of using it! I am only writing it the way everyone understands. If I were supposed to write a blog for my self, then I would have written the way I want it.. alva ??

I hope you got my point!!

KbHbEjTi said...


:) waiting for your comments!!