Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ice cream on a rainy day :)

Wow! It feels so nice even when am writing about it. Imagine a cool Ice Cream parlor like Baskin Robbins right opposite to your office and after your lunch you drop into the parlor to find that its raining outside just when you order for two scoops of Banana Caramel!! Thats exactly what happened with me a couple of days ago. Through out my childhood I was never allowed to have an Ice cream on rainy days as I was very vulnerable to having cold stuff and end up Wheezing all night. But now, dono how the vulnerability disappeared. Thanks to my "Hale and Healthy" body.. now no one stops me from having one.


Sandesh said...

You said two scoops were served. I see only a single scoop in the pic. I see these possibilities.

1. Both the scoops were provided in a single bowl and the angle of projection is hiding one.

2. Both scoops were provided in a single bowl and you've eaten one scoop.

3. Two bowls were served which means you were accompanied by someone else...

Who else would you accompany to an ice-cream parlor? (Definitely not a male, that too on a rainy day) Whose that???

BTW, sorry for the late comment, was busy enough to not comment from home and as you might have known by now, they've blocked blogger at office.

KbHbEjTi said...

Appreciate your micro level analysis :)

It was a bunch of my colleagues;
Only two of us order Banana Caramel.

Hope this answers your doubts ;)