Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 and Me - a Kid's post for one last time!

(kid's lingo intentionally chosen :))

Year 2007 will remain the most memorable one in my life. It has been an year full of learnings and too many out of the world experiences. (I don’t like to put the calendar of events though..)
I can see the transition of myself from a kid to an adult (might look a bit exaggerated but true to my own definitions). Now I know whom to trust and whom not to. I know when a person is lying and when he/she is not. I know who deserves my care and love and who doesn’t. I owe so much to all those people who were directly or indirectly responsible in shaping this lil boy in such a short span.

Some times you are so prepared for a journey that you get the whole picture of how it is gonna be, even before you start. I get a picture of what I would be doing in 2008 (which I believe will determine my future!), Things like, what higher education am gonna choose.. What my career path is gonna be and many more. 2007 has equipped me on both emotional and professional front to face the reality of Life. The only thing I still fear to face is Injustice, the fear of being cheated when you cannot do anything other than take pity on them. I really cannot bear Injustice to me in any form which can drive me to an insane behavior at times and land me into an awkward situation.

Whatever, I have started understanding my self a 1000 times better than what I used to (Of course the world outside me also!!). On this last day of a very significant year in my Life, which has taught me so many things, I am tempted to look back and enlist all the good (right) and bad (wrong) things I have done. Don’t worry I will not do that here.. but there’s one thing that really deserves a mention here. In the due course of understanding my inner self, I have identified a peculiar behavior of myself… I would actually start doing certain things as if I had planned to do it since years for no known reason. At that point, If I am caught by my cholar and questioned as to why I am doing it, I will have no answer and that’s when I will be wondering/cursing/repenting/questioning myself as to why the hell am I doing this!!

A few days ago (dono what made me do that), I simply went to my friend’s house (in the neighboring state) without informing him at all. He was so shocked and did not know what to say to his parents about my sudden appearance. It was so embarrassing to both my friend and me! Yak! How or Why the hell did I do that?? All I can do now is to say “am sorry and I have learned not to do that”. :( This is an important learning to me and I would like to carry it to the years to come. I know this would have happened due to my uncontrolled behavior driven by sudden impulses. Now, I have learned to damp such impulses and have steady decisions made for myself.

Adieu “2007”, I will never forget you :)


Sandesh said...

Wish you a happy 2008 if you are celebrating it. Dont wish me back coz i'm not.

Got some questions.
1. Good that you can judge people you can trust. could you mention the criteria you follow to judge 'em?

2. Was it a female friend who got so embarassed by your entry?? I dont see any male getting embarassed to that extent you've mentioned?

3. What happened to your alaya post?

Answer them n I'll ask more if i get any...

KbHbEjTi said...


Here are my answers,

1. Thats a secret which I don't like to share.

2. After I say its my friend, should it actually matter whether its a "He" or a "She"? 'cause I don't differentiate friends based on gender.

3. I will definitely come back on that alaya post.. just need some more time!!

whoami said...

Jags ... You might have grown up, but remember there is child hidden in all of us. Never regret in life ... Live by your instincts, trust me its worth it!!!

ankurg said...


Its good to feel that u have arrived. More importantly to have learnt. But, in most of your statements there is too much of certainty. Like I know how to judge people, whom to trust and whom not to.

All I can say is it should be more like "now I know better". Because lot of times "we dont know what we dont know" so just stay oipen to things that you may not know.

Regarding your answer to Sandesh's 2nd question. You may not differentiate between friends of different genders, but your friends may. Even if your friends may not do that people whom they are answerable to 'may'. So Sandesh's point definitely holds water here.

Enjoy the new year, and stay open to more learning. Things will be faster than they were because you will notice things more closely that you did.

KbHbEjTi said...

Point taken. I totally agree that there is a child hidden in all us. If you actually notice that this post itself is so Childish! :)

Very true, living your instincts is really worth it! Like this post, is one example.

I like the way you look at things. Here I am trying to be a bit more assertive to only confront the uncertainty in life. However I very well know the truth that you cannot get rid of uncertainty fully as you have pointed it out.

The tendency to see others also in the same way as I do to myself did all the mess!

Thanks for your wishes.
Keep visiting and commenting.

FirstRayM said...

its my life its now or never .....My heart is like an open highway
Like Frank, he said "I did it my way"..its allways worth living life the way ur cheers